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5 Reasons Why Two Kids Can Be Easier Than One
5 Reasons Why Two Kids Can Be Easier Than One

In some ways, adding a second child to the family is a big adjustment. Now you’re juggling two personalities and the needs of two tiny children. And you have to learn all about what your new baby is like, and help your older child navigate a new place in the family. It’s not for wimps!But every now and then, I look at my two little girls and think,baby care, “This is actually easier than having one baby was!”AdvertisementThere’s someone around to entertain your children besides you. With that first baby, I was the sole entertainer. Now, they are getting great at entertaining each other. And there is nothing sweeter than hearing your children laugh together.You know how easy a newborn is. With that first baby, a newborn seems pretty overwhelming. But when you have a second baby,baby toys, you know how easy a brand new baby is. They sleep all the time, they don’t need much besides some milk and a diaper change, and they can’t talk!Your odds that someone will like dinner goes up. Between two children, I can usually feel certain at least one of my children won’t shudder between every bite.The backseat just got way happier. My older daughter was always a little crabby about being in the carseat and I was constantly singing, telling stories, and trying to keep the crying and screaming to a minimum. Now she can see her little sister, they can pass back and forth toys and books, and they make each other laugh. (And, I won’t lie, sometimes they make each other crazy back there).You know better what doesn’t matter. I’ve been around the parenting block before, so this time I know what things I don’t need and what will make my life easier, and what just doesn’t even matter.
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